2nd starter email non compliance

In this example we have highlighted the non compliance issues surrounding accountants not advising on Capital Allowances.

Subject: Mr. X non-compliance fears surrounding...


Dear Mr. X

We are writing to you today regarding non-compliance fears surrounding Capital Allowances on fixtures throughout the UK.

With many Accountants not advising their clients on niche areas of Capital Allowances, or worse, submitting claims with nothing to substantiate their findings, many Accountants are falling short in their duties.

Changes in FA12 mean that getting timely advice when buying or selling a property can make all the difference. failing to do so could not only result in your clients losing all available relief, but could even result in a claw back from HMRC and in extreme cases a surprise tax charges or negligence claim against you or your practice.

The statement “no man is an island” also bears true of accounting practices; it is simply unfeasible to be all things to all clients.

While the tone of this email may seem somewhat weighty, there are easier way to ensure you stay compliant. There are many reputable Capital Allowances firm in the UK today however, making a distinction between those you can trust, and those you can’t, is very tricky.

At XYZ, we have gone a step further for our members by launching for you a Capital Allowance department you can trust ensuring you have access to the best experts the UK has to offer within this area.

Whether your clients own Hotels, Shops, Industrial units or Offices, if it’s a commercial space, it is your duty of care to ensure they know the tax breaks are available to them.

If you have any clients that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us by phone on 0123456789 or email us at xyz@xyz.com alternatively to find out more follow this link www.XYZ.com.

Many thanks

Company XYZ

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