3rd starter email discussing Capital Allowance tools

In this example we have highlighted the non compliance issues surrounding accountants not advising on Capital Allowances.

Subject: Mr. X Great news.....


Dear Mr. X

We are writing to you today to let you know of the great news regarding our new “No risk Capital Allowance service for fixtures and fittings” and what this new service means to you and your clients.

As many Accountants are aware, it has always been a scary and somewhat ‘taxing’ endeavour when referring a client to a standalone Capital Allowance firm, with many Accountants getting their fingers burnt.

At XYX we have made this once arduous task a simple and seamless process by doing the following: -
• Rolling out our Capital Allowance calculator for sense checking a client’s eligibility. See here

• Charging no upfront fees and remain extremely competitive by only charging as a small percentage of what we successfully deliver to your clients.

• Putting into place fair referral fees to reward Accountants for time spent referring clients.

• Extending our services to all associated works regarding negations on Section 198 Elections with past owners, and we completely absorb this cost as part of our works keeping everything clear and concise.

Our average Capital Allowance claim is £100,000, which for many of your clients could offer a potentially vital lifeline in the current climate.

We are happy to be able to share this great news with you and hope to be able to share similar success stories with you moving forward.

If you have any clients that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us by phone on 0123456789 or email us at xyz@xyz.com alternatively to find out more follow this link www.XYZ.com.

Many thanks

Company XYZ

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